We are NOT suppose to be here.

When we mourn our lost loved ones it is our spirit that has realized we have been left behind and that another has returned to the Father. When they pass we miss and grieve them, it’s normal, but it still hurts. We have to remember that when someone passes they DO NOT die, our souls are from God and therefore Eternal. So, if we think about it, our loved ones have gone to be with our Creator in the heavenly realms. We should be celebrating that they are with God and remember them, the good times and the bad times we had with them, think about how one day it will be our turn.

If you do not believe or have not been told, “Jesus came to earth to make a way for us to be forgiven and to be able to come to the Fathers presence”, all you need is to believe in him and what He did (died for us), put our Faith in him (Trust in Him), and repent of our Sins (Turn to Him). When we do this we begin our relationship with Him anew with a clean slate. The Bible is filled with things that can help us to understand God but we have to take that first step of surrender, let go of the material things and worries (Distractions) and don’t let the world take our focus from God.

When man first sinned it was by being disobedient to God, and turning away from Him, once that happened it created an opportunity for the enemy to capture peoples attention and further distract us from God. Things have gotten so far from what God originally created that a lot don,t realize that we don’t know anything no matter what our IQ is or how many degrees we have. We live in a World full of lost souls being lied to by everything around us. The world is everything that is material including our bodies. God is so great that He is all and in all but not visible to our physical eyes. That is where our Faith comes in as we believe in things that we can not see, feel, or hear. Talk to God(Pray) daily and always, but most importantly, listen for His voice and wait for His presence. Ask God for the Spirit of discernment of Truth to find It and never limit yourself or where you search. If you let GOD lead you, He will show you so much that you will want to shout it to everything, but we have to be bold and step out in Faith and do what He asks of us so we can see the Truth of his Love for us.

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