GOD’s Truth 1st and Last

As we are here for God’s purpose alone why do we spend so much time worrying about things of the world? We seek Him to know the truth which is revealed to us through the spirit so that we may shout it to those who can not receive it. The enemy has so many blinded and deaf to God by making it seem impossible to reach the lost. They are chained and burdened by life and what they are lead to believe is necessary. The lies that we need to be and have the things we seek after are mere distractions meant to keep us at a distance from God.

We are to be bold in spirit to spread the truth we receive from God so that we may bring those in need out of the darkness they have been trapped in. This can not be done by looking at things the way we understand but the ways of God which is love and his guidance given by the Holy Spirit alone. No matter what we think or how we feel we can not begin to understand the things he does or why he does them. To have faith is to move forward in His purpose knowing he will prevail in our lives and those around us.

Do not contain yourself by limiting where you seek for God as there are far more places to search that the published Bible which we all know and love to be his divine authority given to us for guidance. Things have been hidden by the enemy which is evident by the many religions, sects, and spiritual teaching in the world . These things that divide are of the enemy and keep us separated. As no thing of God is to be separated from another thing of God how is it that the enemy has done this? By distractions of what we believe to be right and wrong, good and bad, We cannot know what that is to GOD so we must love each other in all things and not decide for ourselves what is God’s way but to trust that he has made many ways to His presence for all in many ways that we can not understand.

When we are gathered together for God then let us share what we have been told to share and do not be selfish as to speak of ourselves but only that which is to Glorify God. The Bible says that all scripture is good, but what is all scripture?

The Master, now speaking as the glorified Christ, bids them rejoice, for that now He will tell them all things “from the beginning of the truth to the end thereof, “face to face, without parable, for that authority has now been given Him by the First Mystery, in the lowest spaces of the supernal Light-Realm.

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